Art Director / One-Woman Agency



Dearest sweetest commissioner of art at Hill+Knowlton,


I am a portrait artist particularly enamoured with the creative output of my subjects! For the past 4 years I have been drawing people while they draw me at the same time - the hundreds of portraits created for this body of work forming a larger ‘Self Portrait in Society’.

I have held two solo exhibitions in Sydney, Australia and countless live portrait sessions at key cultural events here. Beyond portraiture, I work for myself as a One Woman Agency crafting branding, illustration and ideas. While I find all faces beautiful and compelling, I am a die-hard Agatha Christie fan and would put her at the top of my list for this project! Many thanks for your consideration,

Nena Salobir

P.S. I am an EU citizen.


Self Portrait in Society

Portraits from live sittings (15-30 mins each) for the interactive art piece Self Portrait in Society.


SheSays Sydney

Hero illustration for “Creativity: Seeing Things Differently”.

Illustration for SheSays Australia.jpg
mentees metors nena salobir.jpeg


Art direction and cover illustration for Routledge Handbook of Food in Asia (2019)

Routledge book portfolio stamps 3.jpg